ParkSea – Parking in Seattle

Only one year ago my biggest fear when thinking about going to Seattle downtown is:

Where shall I park?

I don’t know if I can park on my side of the street, or I should go to the next parking garage. And those one-way streets are like a maze in my worst nightmare.

I’m a technical person so I attack my fears with technology. Here it is: my first iphone app:


ParkSea is designed to be used with only one hand. When you launch the app, it shows a map like this:

The green lines indicate it is legal to park on this side of the street. The pushpins show where nearby parking garages are.

Now if you want to know the details of a parking garage, tap the pushpin and you’ll see this:

This shows the detail of the parking garage, and how to drive there – as the blue lines on the map.

Once you parked, ParkSea can help you remember where you left your car. Press the blue “P” icon on the bottom of the app, and you’ll see the parking view:

Push the “Park Me Here” button and ParkSea will remember the current location of your car. Two hours later when you’re done with your business, you can use this view to find your car, simply press “I Parked Here” and ParkSea will show how to get to your car in the map view, like this:

The red dot is where you’re, and the car icon is where you left your car.

Have a question regarding ParkSea? Post it on the ParkSea Support Forum!

All the parking data are sourced from SDOT.

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